Higher Power Energy has two primary goals that we work to achieve for our customers .First we want to make your home more energy efficient ,and we do that by installing Radiant  Barrier in the attic to lower the amount of energy you consume .Secondly , we want to educate Homeowners about the benefits of converting their home to Solar energy .There is much more to it than just saving you money .We want you to understand how clean energy impacts  the environment ,as it greatly reduces carbon emissions ,which are unhealthy for us all. Plus the federal government is giving a 30% tax credit and the state of SC offers an additional 25% ,which pays for over half of the total project .In addition to that , Solar panels add equity to your home , and according to Forbes.com , homes with solar sell 14% faster than homes without .Finally , the current Net Metering laws allow you to sell your excess power back to your local utility company ,but you better act quickly because the power companies are fighting this aggressively We truly wantto make sure you have all the information that is currently available , so that way you can make an intelligent decision about solar , and not feel like you are being pressured in any way .

We are seeking to help individuals , and families , who own their homes and are tired of paying outrageous rates for electricity.There is no up front costs and zero out of pocket expense associated with solar. Our company offers a free energy cost analysis ,which will show you how much power you use on average , your immediate monthly savings , plus the total amount of tax credits you qualify for .If you are wondering how or why solar is so much better , besides the part about helping the environment, let me sum it up for you .If you keep renting your power from the local utility company , it will go up on average 4.9% per year , and you will pay it the rest of your life .When we install solar panels on your home , you will have a rate that never goes up , and it will be paid off in 15 years ,and then you will enjoy all the power your system creates absolutely free. It really is a tremendous value for homeowners, especially since a recent study showed that SC has the highest utility rates in the nation .Now the only qualifications for this program are that you own the home , the power is in your name , and have an above average credit score (650+). Act now by going to the request a quote link , and one our representatives will be in touch with you soon.


Danielle moore

Daniel is passionate about helping home owners. Solar power is the wave of the future it both protects our environment through energy efficiency as well as provides tremendous savings to the home owners who use solar power for energy efficiency .

Contact Daniel today to discuss your questions regarding solar power.


Higher Power Energy Group began as Daniel realized the importance of energy efficiency and how solar power can help the everyday home owner by lowering their monthly electricity bill and at the same time providing environmental solutions that will both sustain and keep our environment functioning properly. The company is based out of Columbia, SC the metro Columbia area and surrounding cities are definitely our target market at Higher Power Energy Group. Our motto is changing the world through the Power of the Sun, changing lives through the Power of His Son. Daniel is a Christian business owner and is dedicated to building a business model that honors our savior and drives efficiency, professionalism, and a product that will outlive our experience here on earth.


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"Changing the world through the Power of the Sun, changing lives through the Power of His Son" - Daniel Moore